With the excitement of France vs Croatia still fresh on our minds we have put together our Hot Topic report on Canadian viewing to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. How many Canadians watched overall? Which market had the highest viewing?

A summary of viewing to the final on July 15th can be found below.

2018 FIFA World Cup TV viewing highlights include:

  • Overall 26.5m Canadians watched at least one minute of one game during the World Cup tournament.
  • The most watched game during the initial group phase was Germany vs Sweden on Saturday June 23rd.
  • 9.3m Ind 2+ watched the final in Canada, with Toronto achieving the highest reach.
  • Almost 40% of teenagers in Calgary watched the final.

You can access a more detailed report including a breakout by game and audience composition by market in Lens TV and from the InfoSys+TV home page (TV PPM subscription required).

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