Now that the red carpet has been rolled away, it's time for us to once again look at the viewing performance of the more popular awards shows: the Academy Awards, the Grammys and the Golden Globes.

Did the lack of presenter for the Academy awards have any impact on TV viewing? Are the Grammys holding the attention of younger audiences? Which market has the highest viewing for the Golden Globes?

With the help of ConexAPI we can pull this analysis quickly and present the results in our Hot Topics dashboard.  This dashboard report is available to our PPM subscribers in Lens TV and the InfoSys+TV homepage.

TV viewing highlights include:

Oscars tv viewing

The average Ind2+ audience for the Academy Awards was 10% higher than last year.  Viewing to the Academy Awards peaked for all Ind2+ in Total Canada when Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper performed their duet.


Golden Globes TV viewing

The Golden Globes skew the oldest of the three awards shows with 57% of the Total Canada audience aged fifty or more. Adult 25-54 ratings for the Golden Globes were highest in Vancouver/Victoria EM.


Grammys TV viewing The average audience for the Annual Grammy awards dropped 13% for Ind2+ compared to last year yet grew 17% for children aged 2-11 and 22% for teens aged 12-17. Toronto achieved the highest Ind2+ rating among the measured PPM markets.


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