The Fall TV season is always a busy time. This year between September 9th and October 20th there have been 18 brand new shows on the English conventional stations in the 8p-11p time block compared to 20 during the same time period last year. There have also been an additional 55 shows returning on the English conventional stations during that period.  To help you save time and get the answers you need quicker, we've created a very cool dashboard using our ConexAPI tool. ConexAPI helps you unlock audience data to save you time from pulling multiple reports and allows you to quickly and easily create visually engaging dashboards in less than half the time.

Below are some key highlights from the report.  For clients, you can access the full report either through the InfoSys+TV homepage link or in Lens (TV PPM subscription is required).

Report highlights

  • Prodigal Son had the highest rating of the new shows on Anglo stations.
  • The Good Doctor continues to come top of the list with its opening episode out performing last year’s premiere for A25-54 by 81,000 across Total Canada.
  • Chicago Med is happy in its new slot on CityTV with an increase of 79% for Ind2+ vs last year’s opening episode.
  • Top shows for A18-34 vary across the different Anglo markets with the top rated episodes for Calgary & Edmonton being Grey’s Anatomy and Amazing Race Canada respectively. In Toronto and Vancouver the top rated episode for this same audience was The Good Doctor.
  • The highest rated show in Montreal Franco for Ind2+ was Les Prix Gémaux. Whereas new show Alerte Amber performed best for the Quebec Franco market.


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