MTM, Canada's premier research product in the area of technology ownership and use, just released their Fall 2018 data.  Read about the top 5 highlights below or contact us to learn what MTM  can do for you.  

MTM_newsCanadians are avid news consumers.  Half tune in to watch a local news show in a typical night.  When you examine the heaviest of TV Viewers (watching 15+ hours in a typical week) this number jumps to 75% watching local news daily.

MTM_languagesWith so many options to watch content in a variety of languages on both traditional and new platforms how are Canadians taking advantage of the possibilities?  About 1 in 5 Canadians have watched movie or TV content in another language other than French and English.  Gen Z and those born outside of Canada are the most likely to watch content in something other than Canada's official languages (29% and 41% respectively).

MTM_radioRadio is a popular as ever with stability seen for more than a decade. Close to 9 in 10 Canadians have listened to radio in the past month.  Radio consumption is heavily tied to the commute and people listening in cars – two thirds of listeners tune in from their vehicle.

MTM_fake_news85% of online Canadians report having some level of concern surrounding the impact of fake news in the world today.  Gen Z (18-29) report a higher level of concern than other generations.


MTM_smart_speakerSmart speakers emerged in the Canadian market during the first quarter of 2018 - over 1 in 8 Canadians now own one with the majority being the Google mini or the Google Home.  With the variety of activities Canadians are doing with their smart speakers, three quarters are streaming music on these devices.



Posted by Anja Bundze

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