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New technology insights from the MTM Spring 2019 survey

Anja Bundze Jul 19, 2019 8:22:42 AM
MTM Spring 2019

MTM, Canada's premier research product in the area of technology ownership and use, just released their Spring 2019 data. Read about the top 5 highlights below or contact us to learn what MTM can do for you. 

noun_iPhone_2584620Watching video on a cell phone has become a popular activity for many Canadians. The smartphone (64%) and the computer (66%) are now the two top devices for watching online video. Even a decade later, the iPhone remains the most popular brand of smartphone.

noun_streaming_738103Canadians are increasingly streaming audio online – across many platforms and devices. Over the past 5 years, listening to streamed audio has grown from 63% to 72%. Those who take public transit are spending significantly more time listening to online audio content than others.

noun_Calendar_1508284How informed do you think you are when it comes to current events?  approximately 1 in 7 Canadians consider themselves to be poorly informed and just over a third of Canadians consider themselves to be well informed. Millennials and those with household incomes of less than $35K are the most likely to give themselves the lowest ratings.

MTM_smart_speakerSmart speaker penetration has more than doubled since the technology launched a year ago. During this time, Google has remained the top smart speaker brand among Canadians. Streaming music on their smart speaker is still the number one activity among owners.


noun_TV_2524858OTT subscriptions continue to grow as new entrants increasingly flock to make their offerings available to Canadians. Growth seems to be coming from newer offerings as Canadians begin to stack their OTT subscriptions.


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