Our Summer TV analysis for 2018 is now available.

See where market viewing has grown, which are the top stations and programs by demo, percentage of live program viewing and more. Check out our highlights below.  Clients can access the full TV analysis report either through the InfoSys+TV homepage link or in Lens (TV PPM subscription is required).

Here are some highlights:

  • Average Hours viewed remained fairly stable across all Ind2+  in Total Canada compared to Summer 2017
  • Thanks to the World Cup, viewing levels have grown in Vancouver vs last summer particularly among younger demos – 18-34s watching 1.8 hours more than last year
  • Viewing of Canadian Specialty stations up 3% points over last summer for M25-54 across Total Canada
  • Les Chef on SRC takes highest AMA for A25-54 in Quebec Franco
  • French Canada continues to watch more TV, with summer tuning averaging 4 hours more per week than the rest of Canada
  • Amazing Race has highest AMA for A25-54 in English markets apart from Vancouver where America’s Got Talent takes the top spot
  • Live viewing to World Cup games on CTV was highest in Toronto

 Generated through ConexAPI TV PPM query builder

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