The New England Partriots are the Super Bowl LIII champions after defeating the Los Angeles Rams in a less-than thrilling game 13-3! This was the third year the CRTC decided to exclude the Canadian transmission from simultaneous substitution with the US and coincidentally the third year in a row that the Patriots are in the Super Bowl – coincidence?  How did this affect the overall viewing? Did viewing grow throughout the game like last year? Was the peak during the halftime show? Who were the most prolific advertisers? Check out our highlights below or get all the answers through our comprehensive Hot Topic report available through the InfoSys+TV homepage link or in Lens (TV PPM subscription is required).

Super Bowl viewing highlights

noun_Football_64840The Super Bowl is still by far the most watched sporting event of the broadcast season.  In terms of AMA the game on CTV Total outperformed the 2018 Grey Cup by 39%.

noun_Football_6484014.2 million Canadians watched at least one minute of the Super Bowl across the 4 networks (CTV, CTV2, TSN+ or RDS) - a slight increase of 1% vs last year's overnight figures.

noun_Football_64840Viewing to CTV Total peaked at the end of the half-time show at 5.8 million Ind2+.

noun_Football_64840Maroon 5’s half time show drew a higher audience than at any other point during the game.

noun_Football_64840The overnight average minute audience for CTV Total was down 3% on last year.

noun_Football_64840Adult 25-54 ratings were highest in the PPM Montréal market when combining CTV Total and RDS.

noun_Football_64840Just over 2/3 of viewing was done in groups of 2 or more.


Top categories advertised during the Super Bowl (% spots)

Super bowl 2019 CMR categories

Source: Preliminary CMR data for CTV Toronto


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