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NLogic builds real-time reporting into radio buying platform

Anja Bundze Mar 5, 2021 8:05:40 AM
lens campaign objectives

NLogic, the leading provider of audience analysis software, technology and data integration services to the broadcast and advertising industry in Canada, is pleased to announce their latest innovation that will allow radio buyers to see real-time achievement-level reporting as they build their schedules.


Campaign Objectives

Built in NLogic’s industry-leading Lens for radio application, their new Campaign Objectives feature allows buyers to add their campaign goals and budgets, including GRPs and impressions, and check their progress as they build their schedules. Basically, buyers will now be able to compare what they bought to what was planned in one platform, saving them time and making the process from buying, reporting and posting more seamless.

“Through user research, we learned that buyers often manually tracked campaign data onto multiple buy sheets to manage any variances in station and market buys,” said David Goodfellow, product manager at NLogic. “This takes hours and significantly increases the risk of errors. Now, with Campaign Objectives, Lens for radio users won’t have to flip back and forth between Lens and Excel or other tools, saving time and making the overall process more seamless” adds Goodfellow.

“NLogic is a strong believer in the power of radio to connect with audiences and to drive results for advertisers”, says David Phillips, President & COO of NLogic. “We also firmly believe that a great medium deserves a great trading process, and Campaign Objectives is an exciting additional step on that journey”.


Improving broadcaster UX

As media fragmentation continues to grow, NLogic believes improving broadcaster UX across both linear radio and TV buying will play a huge role in helping them maintain market share. By creating a more modern user experience for advertisers, broadcasters can showcase the effectiveness of their campaigns faster and more efficiently and NLogic’s latest feature brings them one step closer to this goal.