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Cross-Platform Video Planning in Canada

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Revolutionizing Cross-Platform Video Planning: Introducing the Video Planner

Toronto, April 18, 2024 - A major advancement in cross-platform video planning, NLogic is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Video Planner. Whether you're an agency,..

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Understanding cross-platform video audiences with Numeris’ VAM data


The video landscape As audience fragmentation continues to grow, advertisers are left with a disjointed, unclear picture of their target. The media landscape today is nothing like..

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New Canadians: technology ownership and use

With a country that is more diverse than ever before, understanding how ethnicity impacts technology use and media consumption is a key component of any media plan.

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Sue Haas joins NLogic as President & COO

We're very excited to announce the arrival of Sue Haas as President & COO of NLogic, effective April 17th.

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A new Cross-Platform Video Insights tool for Numeris VAM data

NLogic launches new offering to help the media industry easily access Numeris' cross-platform video measurement data.

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David Phillips on the Sound Off Podcast

“You’re not just selling the fact that buying radio is easy, you’re selling radio” As a final farewell to David Phillips, before he left NLogic to pursue new adventures, he was..

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Beijing Olympics 2022 TV viewing analysis

Despite the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics starting with political divides and being surrounded by controversies throughout the competitions, Canadian Olympic athletes had an..

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5 ways to build application flexibility and efficiency

Applications have become the foundation to our way of life including how we shop, how we learn, where we find entertainment, and how we connect with friends and family. Data..

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