According to Orlando Wood’s best seller Lemon, brands that tap into emotional connections can win during a crisis. Given we are all living through our first global pandemic, how has this impacted brand’s creative development and advertising effectiveness?

This was the focus of System1’s webinar, hosted by thinktv, where they presented their results for Canada’s top advertising winners in 2020. What these winners all have in common is the power of connection. Watch the full webinar below to hear from System1 on why creating a connection through emotions is important to your campaign's success and your bottom line. 

Here are some highlights from the webinar. 

  • Q2 advertising saw brands responding to the crisis in very meaningful ways
  • COVID became the context for ads in Q3 with lots of home delivery ads and Zoom calls becoming a reference in the spots rather than the main subject
  • Q4 saw the adverting scores for brands that mentioned COVID actually decline

To see the top 10 advertising winners for 2020, watch the video below or download this PDF version

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Posted by Anja Bundze

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