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The launch of Lens for radio

Anja Bundze Apr 26, 2017 12:00:00 AM
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Lens for radio is here.

In our fall  'Lens for radio' blog post we talked to you about all the change we were seeing in the industry from competition, technology and corporate structures.  It was our vision to create one place where clients could access radio data for multiple needs: buying and selling, campaign planning and tracking, audience profiles, programming analysis and more.  More than ever before, we recognized that our clients needed tools that not only helped them keep pace with the changes in our industry, but also to succeed.

Since that time, we have worked closely with our 400+ clients to gather ongoing feedback on the tool we were creating. That was just 7 months ago.  248 meetings, 47,334 reports and countless developments later, we're delighted to announce that Lens for radio is here.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished with Lens for radio, but what we are even more proud of is the confidence and trust our clients have shown us throughout this journey.  We wanted to create a product that was built on what clients needed, not what we thought they needed.  The only way to achieve this was for our clients to take time from their already time-starved day, to try out Lens for radio, submit feedback, sit through demos, and complete surveys. And in the end, it all paid off.  Clients, including Rogers MediaGroupMWasserman + PartnersLarche CommunicationsZoomerMediaIndie88 and RNC Media , have already signed on to Lens for radio.

"This new product allows us to deliver on the evolving needs of our clients, making the process of buying and selling radio advertising easier, more modern, and more efficient," said Alan Dark, SVP of Sales, Rogers Media.

"We believe that Lens for radio is the best platform for the transacting of radio.  A significant part of the attraction of Lens for radio is that it mirrors the Lens television product. NLogic should be congratulated for taking a proven platform and extending it beyond a single medium", said Neil Johnston, Chief Trading Officer, GroupM Canada.


Talk to us today to see how Lens for radio can be the future for your radio buying and selling team.