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The future of radio software: Lens for radio

Anja Bundze Sep 22, 2016 12:00:00 AM
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The industry has changed.  So should your software.

Since NLogic began in 2006, the industry around us has seen dramatic and constant change.  Changed competition, changed ownership (often several times!), changed internal structures, changed regulatory approaches, changed client expectations, and changed technologies.  When it comes to technology in particular, the rate and depth of change has been extraordinary; after all, 10 years ago Nokia – a company that no longer exists - offered several of the best-selling mobile phones in the world!

From our position serving both broadcasters and agencies, we have worked with our clients on a daily basis as they navigate this change.  We've observed first-hand the incredible new opportunities to tell their stories in new ways, and the inventiveness, expertise and resiliency of our clients.  We have also been close witnesses to many of the new challenges brought by change, not the least of which being the heightened competitive environment and the increasing pressure to continually seek out more efficient and effective ways of doing business.

It is undeniable that the industry has changed, and will continue to change.  We believe that your software should too.

How we fit in

Over the last several years, it became increasingly clear to us that we had to change our approach in order to help our clients continue to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.  Consequently, we decided to start developing our own proprietary data analysis applications in-house.  We re-orientated our company around agile software development principles, whereby products are rapidly developed and constantly improved based on ongoing user feedback.

Before any code was programmed, we started the ongoing process of digging into what our clients really wanted.  As one part of that effort, we began conducting a series of one one-on-one interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, a series that continues to this day.  Participants include CEOs of media agencies, brand directors of large multi-national advertisers, program directors of independent radio stations, researchers at large broadcasters, planners and buyers from all sizes of media agency, salespeople from broadcasters and many more, from coast to coast to coast.  This bank of insights, drawing from over 150 interviews and counting, continually helps inform and guide our strategy and our products.

After hearing directly from our clients, we developed and launched several industry-first applications for broadcasters and agencies including Lens for TV and ConexAPI, the industry's first API with Numeris data.

Following the successful launches of our last two products, we are excited to announce that development will now focus on creating Lens for radio, a modern, flexible application for radio.  The goal is to create one place where clients can access radio data for multiple needs: buying and selling, campaign planning and tracking, audience profiles, programming analysis and much more besides.  More than ever before, we recognize that our clients need tools that not only help them keep pace with the changes in our industry, but also to succeed.

This is an ambitious goal and if you asked us to do this two or three years ago we would likely not have been up to the challenge.  But we are a very different company than we were just a few years ago.  We're privileged to have learnt a great deal about what our clients need and how we can help them.  While we still have our years of expertise in helping clients solve their data problems, we now have a dedicated product team, arguably the best development team in the industry, and a track record of developing modern applications that are easy to use, save our clients time and help our clients make sense of data.

We're excited about what's coming next!  If you want to know more, please contact me or anyone else at NLogic directly.  You can find our details here.