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Numeris announces VAM dataset release date

Anja Bundze Oct 28, 2021 11:03:43 AM
We’re excited to share Numeris' announcement about their upcoming VAM dataset release which we’ll be making available in our Instar software. In case you missed it, here’s what they shared.

Announcing VAM Dataset Release Date!

TORONTO, October 28, 2021:  Numeris is thrilled to announce that our first VAM dataset will be available to our clients on November 24, 2021. This is the first iteration of our cross-platform video solution after years of development and consultation within the industry.  We share this special achievement with our Board, Executive Committee, our partners and many industry contributors.

Video Measurement Logo - OriginalCovering more than 50% of the Canadian market (Ontario and French Quebec), our first VAM dataset will be comprised of August 2021 and September 2021 data. Our second release, including October 2021 data will be available in December, followed by November 2021 data shortly thereafter. Ongoing, VAM will be released on a monthly cadence starting January 2022, to inform content and sales strategies, planning and media mix modelling.

With Cross-Platform Video Measurement, Numeris’ clients will gain an in-depth understanding of digital behaviour with the ability to identify the consumers video journey across different platforms and devices, providing a deeper understanding of the relationship between digital and linear video.  For example, looking at the first VAM dataset, you will see the preferred device for Ontarians and French Quebecers consuming Pure Play* video is the big screen – irrelevant of their age.  In fact, with more than 50% of total Pure Play* viewing hours, Smart TV/Connected TV devices were by far the most used device in August and September 2021.

*Pure Play: Refers to Digital Pure Play – A company that operates exclusively online. In the context of media, the “Digital” is sometimes omitted, and the term refers to companies such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, etc.

To help with clarity and context around frequently used terms about Cross-Platform audience measurement solution, visit our Glossary of Terms.

Stay tuned as we plan on sharing additional insights from our VAM data over the coming weeks as we prepare for this important launch!

For more details on VAM and how it will benefit you, please contact your Numeris Client Services Executive.

For more information about Instar and how you will be able to access VAM data in software, please contact your NLogic Account Executive.