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Cross-Platform video audience measurement

Anja Bundze Oct 26, 2022 12:41:30 PM

What is VAM?

As audience fragmentation continues to grow, advertisers are left with a disjointed, unclear picture of their target. Numeris has taken steps to start to bring that picture into focus with their launch of VAM, the first iteration of its cross-platform video audience measurement solution.

VAM is a combination of their linear television panel fused with their digital panel recruited for the Ontario and French Quebec markets.

With this data, advertisers can gain insights into how their audiences spend time with linear versus streaming video, which devices they are consuming it on, and how these differ across markets and age groups.

Wondering what is the best mix between linear TV and digital video? What is the reach duplication between AVOD and linear TV? Or what trends impact viewing behaviours? VAM data is there to help.


VAM Highlights

For example, VAM data tells us that:

  • Viewing to YouTube has been surpassed by TikTok for Teens (12-17) by over 4 hours a week in Ontario and 8 hours a week in Quebec Franco.  
  • When looking at average weekly hours of tuning to Linear TV, Quebec Franco audiences (Ind2+) continue to stay ahead of Ontario by over 8 hours a week. It is the reverse though when we look at Pure Play services.  Ontario surpasses Quebec Franco in average weekly hours tuned by over 1 hour.
  • In June 2022, Teens consumed an average of 14.0 hours of video each week and almost 43% of them consumed video on their mobile devices.
  • Across both Ontario and Quebec, in July 2022, Connected TV streaming, including all viewing via Smart and Connected TVs, represented an average of 6%-8% of total video viewing.


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