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Understanding cross-platform video audiences with Numeris’ VAM data

Anja Bundze Oct 17, 2023 3:15:00 PM
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The video landscape

As audience fragmentation continues to grow, advertisers are left with a disjointed, unclear picture of their target. The media landscape today is nothing like it used to be. How do brands maneuver through digital evolution, segmentation, and media consolidation, as well as citizen journalism, fake news, and misinformation? How do they get a complete view of their target audience and their media habits?  

In Canada, Numeris provides the advertising and broadcast industry with solutions for audio and video measurement. In Fall 2021 Numeris launched VAM (Video Audience Measurement) to provide a better understanding of the consumer video journey and trends in audience cross-platform video viewing.  


What is VAM?

VAM is the first iteration of the Numeris cross-platform video audience measurement solution. It is comprised of their linear television panel fused with their digital panel recruited for the Ontario and French Quebec markets. 

With this data, advertisers can gain insights into how their audiences spend time with linear versus streaming video, which devices they are using, and how these differ across markets and age groups.

Wondering what is the best mix between linear TV and digital video? What is the reach duplication between AVOD and linear TV? Or what trends impact viewing behaviours? VAM data is there to help.


VAM Highlights

With the recent addition of Facebook Video and Instagram Reels to the dataset, VAM now covers more than 90% of the Canadian video landscape. 

  • In Ontario, the average age of people who stream video is just under 40 years with an even distribution between males and females. In the Quebec Franco market, this group has an average age of 38 and is 56% male. 

  • When it comes to video consumption on the different social media platforms TikTok has the youngest viewers in both markets however their audience skews female in Ontario yet skews slightly male in Quebec Franco. 

  • In Ontario YouTube and Instagram Reels viewers are comparable in age however YouTube leans more towards males (59%) and Instagram Reels is preferred by females (60%). 

  • Facebook Video has the smallest audience of the social media platforms in both Ontario & Quebec Franco and has an older profile than the average video streaming audience.
  • While three of the four platforms follow a more traditional linear video pattern with an uptick in primetime, Instagram Reels peaks at midnight – suggesting bedtime scrolling is a preferred activity. 

  • Unsurprisingly, mobile is the preferred viewing device for Facebook Video, Instagram Reels and TikTok. Smart Connected TVs are the most popular device for watching YouTube in both Ontario and Quebec Franco.

For the full insights infographic from Numeris click here

To better understand your audiences across platforms, reach out to an NLogic Account Executive about InstarVAM today.