We've all heard how important it is to focus on brand building during COVID-19. Experts across the globe have shown us historical data supporting the fact that brands that invest during difficult times are more successful in the end. ThinkTV and RadioConnects have done an amazing job at curating these articles. We have also created a weekly updated radio listening dashboard below along with our previously posted TV tuning dashboard to help keep you up to date on changing habits.

At the beginning of the lockdown tuning levels fell as many Canadians switched to working from home. However, since the beginning of May radio tuning has slowly begun to climb and, if not yet reaching the pre lockdown levels, the analysis is encouraging. So which brands are listening to these experts and increasing their investment in advertising? Our radio dashboard below shows RADTracker competitive insights for the top 10 Toronto radio stations (based on A25-54 AMA) for the period January 1 to December 27, 2020.

Here are a few interesting points to note:

  • After the initial drop in radio advertising at the beginning of lockdown the retail sector has seen continued growth during the Fall particularly in the restaurant, furniture and clothing/accessory store categories. Sleep Country Canada, McDonalds, Subway and Spence Diamonds all increased their weights of radio advertising
  • The automotive sector saw a significant increase in advertising weights in Sep/Oct bringing it above pre lockdown levels. Dealers Association Groups such as Subaru, Ford, Mazda & Toyota were all on air.
  • Radio advertising in the services sector continued its strong activity in the Fall with weights in the last 9 weeks of the year being 20% higher than during Mar/Apr. The personal injury category still makes up the bulk of advertising in this sector but meal kit and food delivery services saw a significant increase at the end of the year with campaigns from GoodFood and Uber Eats.
  • Radio GRPs in the telecommunications sector also continue to be higher than pre lockdown levels with Rogers & Bell both running campaigns for their smartphone services through the Fall.
  • Within the recreation sector lotteries have increased their level of activity since May/Jun with OLG Lottery and Lightening Lottery running significant campaigns at the end of the year.

Clients with radio PPM subscriptions can access the full dashboard containing advertiser and brand details either through Lens or the home page of InstarRadio PPM.

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