From daily news updates, press conferences and more opportunity to catch up on favourite shows, TV consumption has increased during COVID-19. While sports programs have been cancelled for now, there is still a lot of great content that Canadians are tuning in for.  

With continued uncertainty and confusion during this time, some advertisers have started scaling back their spend, whether it’s the right thing to do or not. Based on our latest ConexAPI dashboard, TV viewing is on the rise whether it’s news, daytime talk shows, kids programming or prime-time shows.

Here are some highlights of what they are tuning in to:

  • Quebec Franco weekly viewing 5 hours more TV then five weeks ago.
  • Total Canada weekly viewing for Adults 2+ has increased by almost 3 hours over the past five weeks.
  • Daytime viewing for A25-54 in Total Canada has increased 37% compared to 5 weeks ago.
  • Canadian Conventional and Specialty stations seeing consistent growth over past five weeks.
  • CBC News, CP24 and CTV News seeing weekly reach jump up 5-10 percentage points over past 5 weeks.


Clients with TV PPM subscriptions can access the full dashboard either through Lens or the home page of InfoSys+TV PPM.


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