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Beijing Olympics 2022 TV viewing analysis

Anja Bundze Mar 16, 2022 1:43:01 PM

Despite the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics starting with political divides and being surrounded by controversies throughout the competitions, Canadian Olympic athletes had an amazing performance, coming in 4th overall in medal placement, and continued to draw in audiences across the country.

With an approximate 13-hour time difference between Beijing and Canada, how were Canadians tuning in? Below are some highlights, but TV PPM subscribers can find our latest hot topic report in Lens and on the InfoSys+TV home page for more detail.

2022 Winter Olympic TV viewing highlights:

  • 70% of all Canadians watched at least a minute of the 2022 Olympics TV coverage.
  • The most watched day was Sunday February 6th when 14.5m Canadians tuned in (which featured Canada in the mixed doubles curling and the women’s snowboard slopestyle finals where Laurie Boulin came 4th).
  • Composition of the audience skewed slightly more female across total Canada with an even higher skew in Vancouver.
  • The youngest skewing audience was in Toronto where 30.4% of the overall audience was younger than 34.
  • The overall audience reach of the opening ceremony was higher than the closing ceremony with 20.5% of all Canadians viewing for at least a minute. However, reach was much higher in Quebec Franco where 35.2% of all Individuals 2+ watched the opening ceremony.