An interview with Patrick Sipin, Manager Reporting and Data Analytics, at Kingstar Media


What inspired you to choose ConexAPI?

Our new ecommerce clients wanted access to more data so they could do deeper analysis themselves. But it wasn’t just greater volume of data, it was details within the data that we either didn’t have access to or couldn’t access very easily. 

ConexAPI changed all that.

What are the advantages of ConexAPI?

Although Kingstar was providing spot time data, the clients wanted to dig deeper. They needed more than just when the spots aired. We were already starting to develop our own dashboard but actually had to manually match data from other software tools with post launch impressions. Now ConexAPI enables our clients to import post launch data onto a webpage and dissect the information they need. Literally in just seconds.

 Access the full case study by clicking the image below to download a PDF version.



kingstar and ConexAPI


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