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Cross-Platform Video Planning in Canada

Anja Bundze Apr 24, 2024 10:15:00 AM
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The video landscape is becoming increasingly complex. According to the latest MTM survey 78% of Canadian adults subscribe to a SVOD service. Half of this group subscribes to 3 or more SVOD services. The methods of viewing video are shifting too. In the same survey, 69% of respondents had watched online video on their phone and 62% had watched it on computer As a result, viewers can seamlessly switch between traditional television and digital streaming platforms across a variety of devices. Advertisers, however, still need to efficiently reach as many people as possible and understand the ROI of these different offerings. Consequently, there is now a critical need for a comprehensive cross-platform video planning solution. 


The cross-platform video planning problem 

As digital media continues to grow, it is increasingly difficult to get a complete view of audiences across linear television, streaming, and social video platforms.

Firstly, these mediums operate on distinct platforms with varying metrics and measurement methodologies. This makes it difficult to compare audience data accurately.  

Additionally, the rapid evolution of technology and consumer behaviour means that traditional audience measurement techniques no longer capture the full scope of viewership. This proliferation of content across a multitude of channels and devices makes audience tracking and analysis incredibly complex.

Lastly, privacy concerns and regulations surrounding data collection further hinder media companies' ability to gather comprehensive insights into audience behaviour across different media formats.  

Overall, these challenges highlight the need for innovative approaches and cross-platform solutions to gain a clear understanding of how audiences are engaging with content across this fragmented media landscape. 


A first look at Digital + TV

Recognizing this demand, NLogic is proud to announce a significant breakthrough with the upcoming launch of the Video Planner.  It provides a cross-platform video solution to agencies, broadcasters, streaming platforms, advertisers, and ad tech companies alike. What makes this solution different is the integration with Numeris’ Cross-Platform Video audience data which will allow users to gain unparalleled insights into audience viewing across the various platforms and devices. 


As a media agency network committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients, we're excited about the upcoming launch of NLogic's Video Planner. For the first time, we will be able to compare linear and digital audience data in one place to build more strategically impactful campaigns for our clients.

Chris Herlihey Head of Insights, IPG Mediabrands

The Video Planner empowers users with a sophisticated reach and frequency calculation solution, comparing linear TV and video streaming data. Additionally, it offers the unique capability to simulate ad-supported inventory for streaming players, enabling the creation of realistic campaign scenarios. 

Until now, agencies, broadcasters and streaming platforms have worked in silos, unable to compare one to the other to inform planning and sales opportunities. Video Planner is positioned to help agencies and advertisers gain invaluable insights for optimizing campaign budget allocations, thereby maximizing performance and reach.  Sales teams will benefit from Video Planner’s ability to effectively demonstrate the value of their content and platforms to potential advertisers. This marks a significant shift towards data-driven decision-making for media planning and advertising.


As an early partner on the Video Planner, we've been able to demonstrate the unique audiences that our streaming platforms deliver and how, when combined with linear, they extend the reach of an advertiser's campaign. This is exactly what our clients are asking for, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Spencer Charters VP of Advertising Products, Insights and Partnerships, Corus Entertainment


The Video Planner

The Video Planner is designed to streamline the process of planning and measuring the effectiveness of video campaigns across multiple platforms. By providing insights into incremental campaign reach on BVOD (broadcaster video on demand) and digital platforms, we want to empower media professionals to make data-driven decisions that maximize the impact of their advertising efforts. The collaboration with Corus Entertainment as an Alpha Partner has been instrumental in fine-tuning the capabilities of the Video Planner, ensuring that it meets the needs of industry leaders.  

As NLogic continues to innovate and evolve, the future of cross-platform video planning and measurement looks brighter than ever. Stay tuned for more updates on how NLogic is shaping the future of media analytics.