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Numeris’ First VAM Dataset Now Available!

Anja Bundze Nov 24, 2021 2:03:19 PM

We're excited to share Numeris' news of their first VAM dataset release.



VAM is the first critical step towards Cross-Platform Video Measurement, which will allow Numeris’ clients to gain an in-depth understanding of digital behavior, with the ability to identify the consumers video journey across different platforms and devices, and a deeper understanding of the relationship between digital and linear video. 

Covering more than 50% of the Canadian market (Ontario and French Quebec), this first VAM dataset is comprised of August 2021 and September 2021 data. Our second release, including October 2021 data will be available in December, followed by November 2021 data shortly thereafter. Ongoing, VAM will be released on a monthly cadence starting January 2022, to inform content and sales strategies, planning and media mix modelling. 


VAM resources

For more information on VAM, visit VAM Resources, which provides support materials such as specific Release Notes pertaining to each release, to help you understand and interpret VAM data.



The VAM dataset is available in InstarVAM. For more information on InstarVAM please contact an NLogic Account Executive.


VAM insight

Check out this sneak peak at young adult (18-34) viewers that exhibit different behaviours when consuming BVOD and SVOD.


Further VAM insights can be found here