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Sound Off podcast with Sue Haas, NLogic President & COO

Anja Bundze Jun 4, 2024 7:04:36 PM
Sue Haas and microphone

Sue Haas has just completed her first year as the President & COO of NLogic. Matt Cundill, the host of the SoundOff Podcast, invited Sue to share her experiences from the past year and her plans for the future on his show. 

Listen to the full podcast on the SoundOff site here or see some of the highlights from their conversation below.  


The launch of the Video Planner

One of the key initiatives Sue was involved in in her first year at NLogic was the launch of the Video Planner. This tool is designed to help broadcasters, agencies, and ad tech understand the value and performance of cross-platform video campaigns.  Sue explains that the Video Planner emerged from an internal innovation project and has been commercially adopted by several clients, including IPG Media Brands and Corus.  

The Video Planner integrates TV audience data (TAM) and digital streaming data to provide comprehensive insights helping clients understand the exclusive and duplicated reach across linear and streaming platforms. Despite the complexities of measuring viewership across platforms, the Video Planner relies on methodologies that focus on watch time and general tuning rather than simple impressions, ensuring accurate and actionable data for multi-platform media strategies.


The evolving landscape

Linear and radio broadcast is central to our business, but it’s part of a cross-platform story, we’re not looking at it in isolation anymore.

Sue discusses the evolving landscape of NLogic's business. She emphasizes that while 90% of her focus involves cross-platform and cross-media discussions, linear TV and radio remain central, albeit as parts of a larger multi-platform strategy. This strategy integrates various media forms, reflecting a comprehensive cross-platform story rather than isolated mediums.

NLogic aims to assist broadcasters by providing analytical tools and insights, alleviating the need for them to develop these capabilities in-house. Essentially, NLogic's role is to help broadcasters connect with the multi-platform ecosystem through data and analysis, reinforcing their significance in the broader media landscape.


First-year reflection

Overall, Sue describes her first year as a whirlwind of new products, partnerships, and datasets. As a new leader, she took an observational approach rather than making immediate changes. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasizes the importance of embracing uncertainty and being comfortable with not knowing everything. Sue believes meaningful change requires stepping outside the comfort zone of what's familiar, an approach that has allowed her and her team to thrive in her first year at NLogic.

We’re not biased. We’re not owed by a big broadcaster. We’re a data software insights company and we want to help our clients do better business.

Looking towards the future, Sue envisions NLogic taking on a pivotal role in steering the industry towards integrated, actionable insights and planning tools that empower clients to navigate the intricacies of the ever-evolving advertising and media landscapes.