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Christmas advertising 2020

Anja Bundze Dec 10, 2020 7:37:32 PM
Christmas advertising 2020

The past 10 months have been tough for all of us, which could explain why the Christmas creep phenomenon is particularly apparent this year. It feels like shops displayed their holiday merchandise as soon as the kids went back to school. Christmas lights and trees were up once Halloween was over (and personally, I finished my Christmas shopping in October).

Some festive radio ads appeared as early as mid-September in Ottawa and Toronto. Also, brands that haven’t previously appeared on radio at this time of year came on air such as Sephora and Sobey’s.


Online brands, such as Amazon, were using TV and radio to heavily encourage people to get their online shopping done early, like Holiday Wade the gift wrapping God.

Whereas Winners/Homesense are promoting their “Offline” shopping experience again, with a twist.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an ad from Coca Cola that brings a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye.

And it’s great to see Expedia on air this Fall (another online advertiser maintaining brand awareness through TV messaging) giving us hope for the future….

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