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David Phillips on the Sound Off Podcast

Anja Bundze Dec 15, 2022 12:21:01 PM
David Phillips

“You’re not just selling the fact that buying radio is easy, you’re selling radio”


As a final farewell to David Phillips, before he left NLogic to pursue new adventures, he was invited to chat with Matt Cundill on the Sound Off podcast. 

We need to improve the radio buying experience

Not too long ago, at a radio conference, a senior media agency exec talked about choosing to spend money on digital platforms because the process is easier compared to linear radio.  The platform-based digital buy was quicker to create, enabled more control over the spend and campaign reporting was built-in.  David kicks off this discussion by explaining why statements like this demonstrate that broadcasters need to embrace the opportunity to improve the user experience for buyers of radio. David and Matt discuss several specific initiatives that are steps in the right direction, but the focus of the discussion is on acknowledging that radio still has a lot of work to do.

 “You can do everything you like on a platform, but one of the few things you can't do is buy a radio campaign.” 

At NLogic, we have been working with the industry for several years to increase automation within our radio planning and buying application to improve efficiency. Recently, we even launched a new profile report and GRP estimate vs. actual comparison tool that allows broadcasters and agencies to work faster and smarter. We’re excited about these latest innovations, but we also know there is more that can be done, and we need the radio industry to work with us to truly make buying radio as easy to use as digital. 
During the podcast, Matt and David go on to discuss why making radio buying easier and bringing the user experience up to date is not just about technology, it's also about making marketers and buyers feel more comfortable and in control. While data continues to prove that linear radio is a strong medium for local reach and engagement, it’s not enough. They want easy access and timely results too.   

“The point of data is not really the number. It's the fact that it's giving you a sense that you haven't been ripped off, that you're making the right decision.”

NLogic collaborating with the broadcast industry

The conversation then turns towards TV and the fact that answering the question “How many people saw my ad or my content.” is becoming an increasingly difficult question to answer.  This is a question no one around the world has been able to solve in a syndicated, industry-wide way.  At NLogic, we’re working hard with our partners to stitch datasets together in ways that can help them get closer to answering questions like these, but the more we collaborate and innovate the closer we can get.

The podcast wraps up with David looking back at his almost 20-year career with NLogic and what he’s most proud of.


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