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Kids media and technology use: insights from MTM Junior

Jo Loup May 12, 2023 8:00:00 AM
mtm junior blog post

Approximately 20% of the Canadian population are children under the age of 18. MTM Jr. looks at the latest technology and media trends shaping the lives of 2-17 year olds today. Understand how they consume and engage with media and the different types of devices they prefer through their annual study.  It covers a range of topics including:

  1. Device ownership and use
  2. Gaming
  3. Social networking
  4. Streaming video and audio
  5. Household profile including technology
  6. Traditional TV and radio consumption

The Spring 2023 survey release includes information regarding how Canadians aged from 2 to 17 discover new TV and video content, their radio and audio consumption in the car, online harassment among teens and much more.


Highlights from MTM Jr.'s 2023 Survey

noun-social-network-2064025-F35E00Social networking continues to grow among children. Seven out of ten children aged 7 to 17 have visited a social networking site in the past month. With increased usage, concerns about safety online continue to be in focus. According to the most recent survey, one in five teens say they have experienced bullying or harassment online.


noun-radio-5040646-F35E00While AM/FM radio saw slight declines during the pandemic, we’re now seeing it back to normal levels with commuting to school and extracurricular activities back in full force. AM/FM radio is the most common type of audio content listened to with children in a vehicle; 57% report listening to AM/FM radio via a receiver or online


noun-tv-5710540-F35E00How are Canadian kids discovering new TV and video content to watch? “Recommendations by friends” is the most popular method, followed by social media updates and personalized suggestions. Girls are more likely than boys to find out about new shows from social media or the “You might like'' suggestions provided.


noun-gamepad-1955407-F35E00Gaming is an important pastime among children. Close to four-fifths of all children have played some kind of video game in the past month either on a console, an app or a computer. Game consoles are extremely popular among Canadian kids, eight in ten own one, with Nintendo being the top console followed by Playstation and XBox.


noun-canada-2335625-F35E00MTM JR asked parents how important it is for their children to consume content made in Canada. Close to six in ten Canadian parents think that it is “extremely” or “somewhat important” for their children to consume Canadian-made content, and the importance is even higher among those with children under the age of 11.



About MTM

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s leading survey in the area of technology ownership and use. See the highlights from their survey of Canadians 18+ here