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Super Bowl viewing analysis

Jordan Rothel Feb 17, 2022 2:15:00 PM
Super bowl viewing analysis

The Super Bowl plays a critical role in the media industry in Canada as it is the most watched live sporting event on TV.

It attracts record breaking audiences driving brands to spend up to 8 times more on a 30 second spot during the coveted event. 

Some of the most famous ads first aired during the Super Bowl including these listed here by Business Insider.

Our annual Hot Topic report uncovers the most detail on the Super Bowl including: 

  • total viewing trends with average minute audience by station
  • viewing by demographic, regions and markets
  • minute by minute analysis
  • commercial trends by category and top brands advertising in the game 

Clients with a TV PPM subscription can either access this report through the Lens platform or contact us directly.

Highlights for Super Bowl LVI 2022

Super Bowl LVI saw some of the most legendary hip-hop stars take the stage during the half-time show and they did not disappoint, bringing in the largest audience of the night during their performance.  The players on the field provided a highly entertaining and competitive game that came down to the final minutes.  In the end, the LA Rams were victorious, bringing a much sought after title to the team and its veteran players who, for some, was their last game in the league.  A strong effort from the Cincinnati Bengals and their young core players should see them returning to the big game in the near future.  More TV audience and advertising details on how the Super Bowl performed are highlighted below.

  • Average viewing levels to CTV Total for Ind2+ were slightly lower than last year but still significantly higher than the years when sim-sub was banned.
  • 16.9 million Canadians tuned in to the Super Bowl on one of the three networks (CTV, TSN+ or RDS) at some point during the game (a 5% decrease vs last year).
  • As usual, viewing peaked during the halftime show. The hip-hop collective delivered an average audience on CTV Total of 9.7m beating the Wkend’s performance last year (9.3m) and matching the performance in 2020 from Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.
  • On average 39% of Canadians watched the game on CTV Total in groups of 3 or more. This figure increased in the Toronto market to 45% whereas it was only 32% in Calgary.

  • In home vs out of home viewing also fluctuated by market with 89% of Ind2+ in Edmonton watching CTV Total at home compared to 77% of Ind2+ in the Vancouver market.

  • This year the financial class of advertising represented 20% of all the spots in the game with TD Bank and Questrade both featuring in the top 5 heaviest brands overall.