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Media Technology Survey

Jo Loup Aug 2, 2022 8:15:00 AM

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s leading survey in the area of technology ownership and use. 

The ever-changing shift in technology continues to impact how consumers behave, not just in what they buy and how they use it, but also their intentions and expectations.  Keeping up with these shifts has never been more important.  History has shown just how quickly a shift in technology can bring a brand to the top (Netflix) and just as quickly make them disappear (Blockbuster).

Staying on top of these shifts and what they mean for you and your brand is a constant challenge.



With Media Technology Monitor, we can give you the latest data on Canadians behaviours and brand preferences around technology filtered by demographic, language or region, for areas such as:

  1. OTT (over-the-top video content)
  2. Smart devices including mobile and smart speakers
  3. Online audio and streaming
  4. Social Networks
  5. News and sports content

The spring 2022 release explores our top findings on how Canadians are redefining their media habits as we continue to emerge from the pandemic.


Highlights from the spring 2022 survey

noun-radio-5040646-F35E00AM/FM radio is still the number one way to discover new music for 22% of Canadians followed by personalized recommendations from a music streaming service at 17%. 


70% of Canadians continue to subscribe to a paid TV service such as cable, fibre optic, and satellite; however, there’s a portion of the population that has chosen to forego their TV service and watch solely online. 18% of Canadians have cut the cord on their TV service and 12% have never had a TV service.

 noun-tiktok-3861486-F35E00Canadians report spending about 9 hours per week using social networks however TikTok users report on average 17 hours per week.

noun-share-5028298-F35E00Almost half of all SVOD subscribers are account-sharing at least one of their services with another household, with Disney+ subscribers the most likely to be sharing.

noun-game-2532260-F35E00Owners of higher-end TV brands are more likely to be using them for numerous activities such as watching online video, playing video games, accessing the internet, listening to a streaming music service, and of course, watching linear TV!


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