The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s leading survey in the area of technology ownership and use. 

The ever-changing shift in technology continues to impact how consumers behave, not just in what they buy and how they use it, but also their intentions and expectations.  Keeping up with these shifts has never been more important.  History has shown just how quickly a shift in technology can bring a brand to the top (Netflix) and just as quickly make them disappear (Blockbuster).

Staying on top of these shifts and what they mean for you and your brand is a constant challenge.

With Media Technology Monitor, we can give you the latest data on Canadians behaviours and brand preferences around technology filtered by demographic, language or region, for areas such as:

  1. OTT (over-the-top video content)
  2. Smart devices including mobile and smart speakers
  3. Online audio and streaming
  4. Social Networks
  5. News and sports content

The fall 2020 release includes information regarding how Canadians changed their technology use and communication patterns during COVID-19.

Highlights from the fall 2020 survey

noun_video on demand_589898SVOD subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have nearly doubled in the past five years


noun_podcast_2015838While we initially saw dips in podcast listening at the start of the pandemic, 2020 closed with podcast listening almost 20% higher than 2019 levels for adults 18+.


noun_streaming_1585353 (1)More than three quarters of all Canadians now watch online TV, a 5% increase since 2019.

noun_Video_621436With COVID-19 causing the closure of movie theatres across the county and the release of several blockbusters direct to digital, online movies saw a major jump during the pandemic. In Fall 2020, 51% of Canadians reported watching a movie online versus 41% pre-pandemic.


noun_block_2437915Ad blocking has risen almost 30% since 2016 with two in five Canadians using an ad blocker.


 tik tok (1) Close to half of all teen social networkers and one in five Gen Zs are using TikTok.


Click here to watch the latest webinar on the new MTM dataset and the Fall 2020  release


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