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Canada's MTM Survey: exploring the impact of technology on consumer behaviour

Jo Loup Jun 28, 2023 11:00:00 AM

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s leading survey in technology ownership and use. 

The ever-changing shift in technology continues to impact how consumers behave, not just in what they buy and how they use it, but also their intentions and expectations.  Keeping up with these shifts has never been more important.  History has shown just how quickly a shift in technology can bring a brand to the top (Netflix) and just as quickly make them disappear (Blockbuster).

Staying on top of these shifts and what they mean for you and your brand is a constant challenge.


MTM Overview

With Media Technology Monitor, we can give you the latest data on Canadians behaviours and brand preferences around technology filtered by demographic, language or region, for areas such as:

  1. OTT (over-the-top video content)
  2. Smart devices including mobile and smart speakers
  3. Online audio and streaming
  4. Social Networks
  5. News and sports content

The spring 2023 release includes insights on ChatGPT, FAST Channels, Netflix account sharing, music and video discoverability, music and radio in-car listening, and much more. 


Highlights from the MTM Spring 2023 survey

  • ChatGPT’s impact on society is undeniable, changing how Canadians interact with technology. According to the most recent MTM survey, close to 1 in 5 Canadians have embraced ChatGPT with the greatest interest among younger Canadians.

  • In February 2023 Netflix announced that it would begin cracking down on account sharing between households. Just under 1 in 7 households who subscribe to Netflix made the decision to pay the additional fee to keep other households on their account. Despite some paying the additional fee to keep others on their account, Netflix subscriptions have seen a small dip over the past year

  •  AM/FM radio is still the most common type of audio being consumed in the car – but many are beginning to turn to digital options as well. Compared to our MTM Jr data, when kids are in the car, people are less likely to listen to AM/FM radio and podcasts but more likely to listen to YouTube

  • FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels are online video platforms which stream content continuously and without a subscription. Similar to a linear TV channel, these platforms offer content on a schedule rather than solely on an on-demand basis. 16% of Canadians have watched content on a FAST Channel in the past month with anglophones and males being more likely to watch FAST Channels

  • Looking for new music to listen to or a new TV show to watch? Canadians are leveraging multiple techniques to discover new music and TV, but one thing remains the same; friends and family recommending content to consume is the number 1 way to get the latest and greatest of media.