Once again, Christmas came early this year on the air waves!  Halloween decorations were still up as the first Christmas radio advertising played across the nation.  In fact a couple of restaurants in Quebec City were advertising their venues for festive meals in the first week of October.

In our dashboard below, created using RADTracker data, you can explore each major market in Canada to see the share of holiday themed radio spots by category in the retail sector, see the top brands across all categories and even drill down into each brand to listen to the spots. 

Some highlights include:

  • Restaurants held the greatest share of voice against other retail categories for Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City
  • In Toronto Food & Beverage stores were the largest category taking almost 1/4 of all spots. The LCBO was the heaviest advertiser with over 3,500 spots, over 1,000 spots more than Tim Hortons the second largest advertiser in this category.
  • In the health store category the Shopper’s Drug Mart's campaign is significantly heavier than other competitors in all markets with the exception of Quebec City where Rachelle-Bery Store takes the number one spot.
  • In terms of creative we are particularly fond of the "Offline shopping" campaign from Winners, Homesense & Marshalls. Listen to it by following instructions in the dashboard below. 


Posted by Jo Loup

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