We've all heard how important it is to focus on brand building during COVID-19. Experts across the globe have shown us historical data supporting the fact that brands that invest during difficult times are more successful in the end. ThinkTV and RadioConnects have done an amazing job at curating these articles. We have also posted a weekly updated TV tuning dashboard and radio listening dashboard to help keep you up to date on changing habits.

According to the data, TV numbers grew at the beginning of the lockdown and radio is still strong. So which brands are listening to these experts and increasing their investment in advertising? Our dashboard below shows TV CMR data for the top 10 stations in the Toronto market over the last 14 weeks comparing Adult 25-54 program GRPs pre and post lockdown.

Here are a few interesting points to note:

Overall impressions for Adults 25-54 were up 7.2% across the analyzed stations post lockdown vs pre lockdown. 

Some categories saw huge increases in activity which you would expect given the change in season

  • Horticulture & Farming was up 16 fold, a seasonal increase in the seed & fertilizer sub-categories.
  • The discount department store category was up 27 times driven by the Walmart Live Better Together campaign.
  • Program GRPs for Government, Politics and Organizations category more than doubled. This was driven by Corona virus awareness activity, but also included charity messages, specifically those organizations counselling against alcohol abuse.
  • The household appliances category doubled. Keurig switched from a James Cordon campaign to a lockdown “Brew the Love” message. Vacuum cleaner activity increased from 155 to 770 GRPs post lock down with brands such as Roomba & Dyson coming on air.
  • Household supplies increased by 63%, with the paper towels category more than tripling its weight of activity.
  • Confectionery & snacks increased by 45% but this was partly driven by Easter activity however, the chips category, not traditionally associated with Easter, doubled.

Unsurprisingly, some categories saw drastic declines in GRP activity.

  • The travel category dropped from 6,331 GRPs to just 775 GRPs post lockdown with previously heavy advertisers such as Expedia, Sandals resorts, Orlando & Dominion of Jamaica drastically reducing their activity
  • Restaurant activity was down 5%, however there were differences between the subcategories. Quick Serve Restaurants saw a 7% drop in GRP weight driven mainly by McDonalds halving its activity but switching to delivery and drive-through messaging. Pizza restaurants' activity increased by 30% with amendments to their campaign to highlight contactless delivery. Swiss Chalet also almost tripled their activity with their curbside pickup and delivery messages.
  • Miscellaneous services' activity was down 33% overall. Certain subcategories, i.e. optical services, live theater, conventions, parks & fairgrounds all saw huge decreases. On the other hand, services such as food delivery, legal services and some medical services saw significant increases in activity.

Clients with TV PPM subscriptions can access the full dashboard containing advertiser and brand details either through Lens or the home page of InfoSys+TV PPM.


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