We've all heard how important it is to focus on brand building during COVID-19. Experts across the globe have shown us historical data supporting the fact that brands that invest during difficult times are more successful in the end. ThinkTV and RadioConnects have done an amazing job at curating these articles. We have also posted a weekly updated TV tuning dashboard and radio listening dashboard to help keep you up to date on changing habits.

According to the data, TV viewing at the beginning of the lockdown increased but then declined as the summer progressed. So which brands listened to these experts and increased their investment in TV advertising despite a dip in viewership? Our dashboard below shows TV CMR data for the top 10 stations in the Toronto market over seven months split by 8 week periods comparing Adult 25-54 program GRPs pre and post lockdown.

Here are a few interesting points to note:

  • Program impressions for the analyzed stations rose 7% in the first period of lockdown compared to the 8 weeks prior. They then fell to 16% below lockdown levels during the summer months.
  • July/August program impressions were significantly bolstered by the return of live sport programming. Sportsnet Ontario accounted for over 12% of program impressions among the measured stations (almost double the level pre lockdown).
  • The retail category saw a significant fall in program GRPs in the first lockdown period yet program GRPs bounced back in May to August to levels higher than pre lockdown. This was driven by furniture stores, home centers and hardware stores, and automotive supply retailers.
  • The household soaps and cleansers category has held at a strong weight of advertising throughout the lockdown with each of the 8 week periods post lockdown being heavier than pre lockdown. Heavy duty laundry detergents account for 43% of this category in July and August.
  • Program GRPs for the government, politics and organizations category doubled during the first lockdown period with the huge weight of government health messaging. Levels have dropped during the summer but are still at higher levels than pre lockdown. Government health messages have dropped, as the lottery subcategory has grown heavier through July and August.
  • The travel category (public transportation, hotels and resorts) saw a very small comeback in July and August thanks to Marineland and Trivago however is still significantly lower than the weight pre COVID-19.

Clients with TV PPM subscriptions can access the full dashboard containing advertiser and brand details through the Lens platform.

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Posted by Jo Loup

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