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Canadian TV viewing trends

Jo Loup Jun 17, 2024 3:45:00 PM
TV viewing trends in Canada

While many claim that linear TV is on its last legs, the reality is far from it. The video landscape in Canada is indeed evolving, with 78% of Canadian adults now subscribing to SVOD services(1). However, 66% of Canadians still hold onto paid TV subscriptions, with just over half subscribing to both linear and digital viewing options.


The importance of linear TV

Understanding the significance of linear TV is crucial in today's evolving video landscape. While subscription numbers may suggest a shift towards digital platforms, Numeris’ Cross-Platform Video Audience dataset (VAM) provides a more comprehensive view of video viewing habits in Canada. The data from Feb-Apr 2024 reveals that 70% of adult viewership across Ontario and Quebec is dedicated to linear TV, with the remaining 30% spread across various digital platforms, including YouTube.

MTM respondents highlight two key reasons for maintaining both types of services: access to essential news and sports content. With this year's exhilarating hockey season, the upcoming Olympics, and a significant election, linear TV continues to play a vital role in Canadian households, offering a unique blend of entertainment and information. 

At NLogic, we offer a multitude of tools for delving into video viewing habits:

  • Lens Video Planner serves as our cutting-edge cross-platform reach and frequency calculator for Total Video strategies.  

  • Lens for TV provides an effortless way to access key linear TV statistics. 

  • InstarTV enables a deeper exploration of linear TV audience behaviours. 

  • InstarVAM taps into the Numeris VAM dataset to unveil a comprehensive view of video consumption. 

  • Conex stands as our API solution for seamless access to linear TV data for your analytical needs.
After every TV season, we use Conex to craft a comprehensive audience analysis report for our clients, granting them swift and convenient access to the most up-to-date television viewing trends in Canada. This valuable resource can be easily accessed through the Lens platform. Here are some key highlights from our latest report: 


Spring 2024 TV viewing overview

  • This spring saw 4 Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs which helped maintain viewing levels across the country. On average, Canadians watched 16.8 hours of TV per week, a slight increase compared to last fall (9 minutes more per week).  

  • Quebec Franco still has the heaviest viewing. Canadians here watched on average 24.4 hours per week. 

  • A25-54 viewing in Calgary was higher than the previous 3 seasons with this audience watching 7.2 hours on average per week (up 14% compared to the previous season). 

  • 38.2% of all viewing was to Canadian conventional stations, an increase of 2.4% percentage points compared to fall 2023. However, in Quebec Franco, 51.3% of viewing was to the conventional station group.  

Spring 2024 station & program highlights

  • TVA Total is the most watched station for Canadians aged 2+ with a 7.2% share of viewing across Canada and a 24.3% share of viewing in the Quebec Franco market. 

  • Unsurprisingly, Sportsnet National and TSN are the most watched Canadian specialty stations (for all demos reported in our report) with LCN replacing last year's Sportsnet Ontario in 3rd place for Ind 2+. 

  • Across conventional station programing for total Canada, the top 6 shows originate from French language stations. STAT takes the top slot with an average audience of 1.7m Ind2+ and a rating of 21 in the Quebec Franco market. 

  • In Anglo Canada, the number 1 show is Tracker with an average audience of 1.2m. However, in Edmonton, hockey makes up the top 4 shows and in Vancouver, it is in the top 3 shows.  

Top 10 Canadian TV shows for spring 2024

(Anglo Canada)

  1. Tracker (CTV Com)
  2. 9-1-1 (Global Total)
  3. The Rookie (CTV Com)
  4. Elsbeth (Global Total)
  5. Law & Order Toronto (Citytv Total)
  6. Survivor (Global Total)
  7. NHL Playoffs Round 1 (CBC Total)
  8. The Good Doctor (CTV Com)
  9. CTV Evening News (CTV Com)
  10. Will Trent (CTV Com)

Source: Numeris TV PPM data Jan 1st - May 26th, 2024, Ind 2+, Anglo Canada, conventional stations only, based on consolidated AMA and programs with 3+ airings

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(1) MTM Fall 2023 18+ survey