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Canadian TV viewing trends

Jo Loup Jan 12, 2024 1:15:00 PM
TV viewing trends in Canada

At the end of each TV season, we create an audience analysis report to provide our clients with quick and easy access to the latest TV viewing trends in Canada.

The seasonality of TV viewing plays a critical role in programming and media planning and buying. In particular, fall remains a key period for the TV industry, as this is when many new and returning shows start. How well the shows perform during this time period determines whether they’ll return in the spring.

While fall is a crucial period for the TV industry, the spring TV schedule also holds significant importance. Mid-season premieres and finales are often aired during the spring, which can make or break a show's success. If we're lucky it can also provide excitement at the end of hockey season if our teams are performing well and appear in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

By analyzing TV viewing trends media planners and buyers can make informed decisions to reach their target audiences effectively. Our hot topic audience report provides valuable insights into TV viewing trends in Canada, including the top-performing stations and programs. With this information, clients can make data-driven decisions to optimize their media strategies and reach their advertising goals.


What our TV report covers

  1. Average time spent watching TV by season.
  2. Share of viewing trends by station groups (ie conventional vs specialty TV).
  3. Top performing TV stations including AMA (000s) and share of viewing.
  4. Top performing programs including TV ratings and percentage of live viewing.

Our TV audience analysis report is created using our API, Conex. This is a powerful tool that directly accesses Numeris TV PPM data. This data can then be fed seamlessly into data visualization tools such as Excel or Microsoft PowerBI. 

This means you spend less time creating reports and more time uncovering the insights you need to refine your media strategy. Clients with a TV PPM subscription can access this report either through the Lens platform or from the homepage of InstarTV PPM.


Fall 2023 TV viewing overview

  • On average Canadians watched 16.7 hours of TV per week, an increase of almost 8% compared to the summer season. 

  • Quebec Franco still has the heaviest viewing. Canadians here watched on average 24.4 hours per week.

  • In certain markets adults aged 18-34 watched significantly more TV than in fall 2022. In Quebec Franco, Edmonton and Vancouver the hours viewed increased by 10%, 13% and 15% respectively.

  • The share of viewing to different station groups has changed very little since last summer with 88.9% of total viewing going to Canadian conventional and specialty stations.   

  • There has however been a slight shift towards Canadian specialty stations. They achieved a 53.1% share of viewing compared to 52.6% last fall. 

Fall 2023 station & program highlights

  • TVA Total is the most watched station for Canadians aged 2+ with 7.2% share of viewing across Total Canada and 24.3% share of viewing in the Quebec Franco market. 

  • The top 4 specialty stations stayed the same as last year with TSN, Sportsnet National, W Network and LCN taking those spots for Ind2+.  

  • Discovery is the 5th most watched specialty station for Ind2+, up from 10th last fall. 

  • As with last fall, the most watched show on conventional stations in Canada is Chanteurs Masqués on TVA with an average audience of almost 1.9m Ind2+ across Total Canada and 24 GRPs in Quebec Franco. 

  • In Anglo Canada Amazing Race Canada takes the top slot retaining its position from the Summer 2023 season. 

Top 10 Canadian TV shows for fall 2023

(Anglo Canada)

  1. The Amazing Race Canada (CTV Com)
  2. The Amazing Race (CTV Com)
  3. Survivor (Global Total)
  4. CTV Evening News (CTV Com)
  5. America's Got Talent (Citytv Total)
  6. The Masked Singer (CTV Com)
  7. Masterchef (CTV Com)
  8. NCIS Sydney (Global Total)
  9. Murdoch Mysteries  (CBC Total)
  10. Magnum P.I. (CTV Com)

Source: Numeris TV PPM data Aug 28th - Dec 31st, 2023, Ind 2+, Anglo Canada, conventional stations only, based on consolidated AMA and programs with 3+ airings

To access this report please get in touch with your Account Executive