We create our hot topic audience report at the end of every TV season so that our clients have quick and easy access to the TV viewing trends in Canada.

The seasonality of TV viewing plays a critical role in programming and media planning and buying.  In particular, fall remains a key period for the TV industry, as this is when many new and returning shows start.  How well the shows perform during this time period determines whether they’ll return in the spring.  Spring is quite important for season and series finales as well as live sports with hockey and basketball playoffs to name a few.  Over the last decade, summer has become a stronger TV viewing period with reality shows becoming more predominant.

Our report covers:

  1. Average time spent watching TV by season.
  2. Share of viewing trends by station groups (ie conventional vs specialty TV).
  3. Top performing TV stations including AMA (000s) and share of viewing.
  4. Top performing TV programs including ratings and percentage of live viewing.

Clients with a TV PPM subscription can access this report either through the Lens platform or from the homepage of InfoSys+TV PPM.

Highlights for the fall 2019 TV season include:

  1. Ind2+ watched on average 22.5 hours TV per week across Total Canada, an increase of 11% on the summer period. Viewers in Quebec Franco watch 7.2 hours more on average each week compared to Anglo Canada.
  2. Canadian conventional stations had their highest share of viewing in Montreal Franco for A25-54 across the seasons measured.
  3. TSN holds on to its number one spot amongst the specialty stations for all Ind2+ in Canada.
  4. The Good Doctor is the number one program in Toronto and Vancouver yet number 2 in Calgary and number 6 in Edmonton.
  5. Occupation Double has crept up the top shows list for Adults aged 18-34 in Quebec Franco. It now has the number one spot compared to 3rd place last fall.

top shows fall 2019

This report is created using ConexAPI. This tool accesses Numeris TV PPM data directly and feeds it seamlessly into data visualization tools, such as Excel or Microsoft PowerBI. This allows you to spend far less time creating reports and more time finding the insights you need and acting on them.


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