A comparison of Newtonsoft.Json and System.Text.Json

Microsoft released their new namespace System.Text.Json with .Net Core 3.0 in 2019 and many of you are considering migrating over from Newstonsoft.Json. Are there any advantages around performance or ease of use from using the newly added library from Microsoft? Or should you stick with the [...]
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How to build web applications faster with Azure's Durable Functions

As organizations continually struggle to make sense of the growing amounts of data available, they increasingly rely on their IT teams to unlock the value of that data. To achieve this, IT teams need to build scalable web applications faster and with the ability to react in real-time. In response [...]
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How to debug issues, directly in production, with Snapshot Debugger

As we continue to strive to be more agile and responsive in terms of managing potential issues in our applications, the importance of being able to investigate and debug issues directly in production became more evident. As an Azure hosted platform with Visual Studio collaboration, we decided to [...]
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How to collaborate with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code’s Live Share

Remote collaboration on projects has never been more important. Code sharing, reviewing, editing, and pair programming were all very easy when we worked together from the same office and could sit side by side discussing any issues or changes. Once we all started working remotely, these simple, [...]
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How to move from monolith apps to modular apps

Our experience in moving from a monolith to modular app in order to save time and build greater flexibility.
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