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We've got a new look!

Anja Bundze Nov 13, 2021 6:19:28 PM

NLogic: where professionalism meets play, everyday.

NLogic has existed as a brand since November 2014. Since then, we’ve evolved and innovated at a rapid pace. We have brought multiple industry-first innovations to market, including data APIs, a fully automated trading platform for radio and most recently, a real-time TV performance management platform that offers long term TV attribution and in-campaign reporting. And we’re not stopping now: we’ve got even more coming up this year that we’ll be letting you know about soon. We believe in a cross-platform future where quality audio and video is easy to buy, track and tie to business results, and we’re just getting started.

Beyond these new products, we also changed internally to become a much more agile, technology driven company fueled by expert product managers, a high-flying in-house engineering team and our nation-wide account executive group that provides the best support in Canada. One thing that stayed constant was our culture. We continue to be passionate about data and how we deliver it, and we continue to look for ways to help our clients turn data into action.

New look

To reflect this ongoing transformation, we decided our brand needed a bit of love. We wanted a look that represented our passion for technology, data and transforming the industry. But we also wanted it to capture our playfulness, sense of family and togetherness. The new design, created in-house, is more bold, colourful and assertive and captures our company ethos of professionalism and play. We also think it looks great!

New website

We are excited to share this new look with you today and how it's reflected across our new website. From simpler product and service pages that help you find what you need more quickly, to a new resource section where you can register for our latest webinars or watch previous ones, our aim is to make your experience with us and our products as easy and helpful as possible.  Let us know what you think!

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