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Media technology use across Canada: MTM Market Reports

Anja Bundze Dec 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Earlier this month, the Media Technology Monitor (MTM) released a new series of reports on media and technology use in several different Canadian markets, highlighting the similarities and differences across regions, provinces and major cities. These reports allow you to understand everything from digital TV penetration and Internet service to smartphone and tablet usage. They also look at ownership of media devices like Apple TVs and wearables, as well as usage of social media and online TV services such as Netflix.  Some of the highlights across these new market reports include:

  • Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents lead the country in the ownership of smartphones, particularly iPhones.
  • Those who live in urban centres – like Toronto and Montreal – use LinkedIn more than other Canadians.
  • Residents of British Columbia are most likely to be TV My Way viewers, which is those who only watch TV via online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.
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