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David Phillips back on Sound Off Podcast

"You don't see radio working, even though it is" Once again, our president, David Phillips, was invited to speak on the SoundOff, a podcast primarily focused on the radio..

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Mind the gap: how to make business transformation happen

David Phillips shares his tips on how broadcasters can bridge the "gaps" in order to transform and adapt to the evolving landscape. Me and DIY don’t always see eye to eye.  On the..

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The future of TV advertising: outcomes, context and collaboration

As the Titanic of Britain drifted inexorably closer to the iceberg of Brexit, hundreds of people gathered in London to discuss the future of TV advertising.  The imminent..

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2019 World Junior Championship

After last year’s Gold performance in Buffalo, Canadians had high hopes for our 2019 World Junior Championship team this year.  Unfortunately, their road to gold ended in the..

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Retail disruption

Slides and seesaws; or when inevitable, isn’t. The world of retail appears to be going through a period of one-way transformation.  Online-only disrupters such as Amazon, Warby..

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David Phillips on the SoundOff Podcast

Podcasts, broadcast and more, oh my! As radio enthusiasts, we were delighted when our president, David Phillips, was invited to speak on the SoundOff podcast. We came across the..

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Profit Ability: the business case for advertising

Advertising effectiveness: TV still top driver On April 25th ThinkTV and RadioConnects hosted Nick Manning who presented findings from ThinkBox’s 2017 advertising effectiveness..

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Future TV London 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the Future TV conference in London last Autumn.  Below is a quick summary of what I took away from the conference. The conversation around TV is..

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