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christmas radio 2019

Top radio advertisers over the Christmas season

Once again, Christmas came early this year on the air waves!  Halloween decorations were still up as the first Christmas radio advertising played across the nation.  In fact a..

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data strategy

3 reasons why you shouldn't have a data strategy

David Phillips explains why you should never, ever have a data strategy. In this age of big data it's easy to believe that we inevitably understand more and more of the world..

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Canada election 2019

Canada election 2019: TV and radio advertising of the main parties

This summer, prior to Canadian elections, the Federal Elections Act was amended to allow anyone to run a political ad, including you, your aunt, or even your company, on TV, radio..

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MTM Spring 2019

New technology insights from the MTM Spring 2019 survey

MTM, Canada's premier research product in the area of technology ownership and use, just released their Spring 2019 data. Read about the top 5 highlights below or contact us to..

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Go Raptors!

Congratulations Toronto Raptors on becoming the 2018-19 NBA Champions!  Thank you for taking this entire country on an amazing two-month whirlwind emotional roller-coaster of ups..

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podcast headphones v2

David Phillips back on Sound Off Podcast

"You don't see radio working, even though it is" Once again, our president, David Phillips, was invited to speak on the SoundOff, a podcast primarily focused on the radio..

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GoT swords

Game of Thrones TV viewing

It’s been 8 years since the first season of Game of Thrones first aired on HBO.  When it first launched, it didn’t receive much attention at all.  It wasn’t until 2015 when it set..

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Gap blog feature

Mind the gap: how to make business transformation happen

David Phillips shares his tips on how broadcasters can bridge the "gaps" in order to transform and adapt to the evolving landscape. Me and DIY don’t always see eye to eye.  On the..

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The future of TV advertising: outcomes, context and collaboration

As the Titanic of Britain drifted inexorably closer to the iceberg of Brexit, hundreds of people gathered in London to discuss the future of TV advertising.  The imminent..

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