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winter olympics

2018 Olympic TV viewing analysis

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Future TV London 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the Future TV conference in London last Autumn. Below is a quick summary of what I took away from the conference. The conversation around TV is..

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Does ROI drive ad spend?

The reason you're given almost always isn't the reason. Your wife may say that it's because of the unwashed dishes that they're throwing cutlery at you, but really it's the..

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Canada 150

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! How would you describe Canadians? According to JustLanded.Com we are polite, classless, generous, environmentalists, outdoorsy, a hockey fan, boring,..

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Right term data

Right term data; or what Trump can teach you about using data correctly In the months, weeks and days leading up to last November's US elections, one thing was clear: Hilary..

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The launch of Lens for radio

Lens for radio is here. In our fall 'Lens for radio' blog post we talked to you about all the change we were seeing in the industry from competition, technology and corporate..

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Confessions of a cord returner

I have a terrible confession to make. For the last 2 years, I haven't had cable TV. There. I said it. Frankly, it's a relief to get that off my chest. I didn't have cable. And for..

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The future of radio software: Lens for radio

The industry has changed. So should your software. Since NLogic began in 2006, the industry around us has seen dramatic and constant change. Changed competition, changed ownership..

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Programmatic TV and radio/Means and Ends

In general, people tend to confuse means and ends. Programmatic TV/radio is a good example of it in our industry. There's an assumption that because programmatic is growing in..

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